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We use the best and most efficient Newtox available to make you look and feel younger quickly with Jeuveau. Jeaveau is used to quickly minimizing the appearance of:

Forehead wrinkles
Frown lines
Chin dimples


We also offer Lip-Flips to make your lips look naturally larger and more enhanced. 

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Stop Frowning About Fine Lines

Treat your fine lines and wrinkles in Houston, TX

Our smiles, frowns and expressions are what make us human. At the same time, aging can cause our expressions to form fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes, foreheads and smiles. If you're looking to reduce your expression lines with minimal effort on your part, TotalBright Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX can help. Your crow's-feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines can vanish after just one appointment.

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Introducing Jeuveau

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TotalBright Teeth Whitening has found the Fountain of Youth. Get rid of wrinkles and frown lines with a new Botox treatment called Jeuveau. This FDA-approved, noninvasive solution is designed to address those pesky glabellar lines between your brows, also called frown lines or eleven lines. The result is skin that looks smooth and youthful for up to six months.

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Discover the benefits of Jeuveau

Jeuveau is an excellent way to get rid of wrinkles and frown lines. You'll love that compared to similar products on the market, Jeuveau is:

  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • Cost-effective
Plus, the process is quick and effective, so you won't have to worry about scheduling recovery time.

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