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Laser teeth whitening will remove stains and brighten your teeth.

What is Teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic procedure aimed at improving the appearance of teeth, giving whiteness to enamel that is not ideally snow-white by nature or due to inadequate human habits. Professional teeth-whitening treatments may include both direct bleaching and enamel cleaning. Total Bright carries out safe teeth cleaning and whitening procedures using modern techniques and high-quality materials. Schedule your appointment for our teeth-whitening services in Houston now!

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Transform the look of your smile in just one office visit with the advanced teeth whitening options offered at TotalBright. Our teeth whitening expert can help you lighten your teeth around 10 to 14 shades, if not more! Check out the best results of our state-of-the-art systems with visible results that showcase your smile!

Our practice offers professional teeth whitening services in Houston, TX, for effective, long-lasting, painless treatment. It is time to eliminate the yellow, dingy, or discolorations when you can wear dazzling white teeth. Our professional teeth whitening services near me are designed to aid you in achieving a radiant smile that you can take pride in showing off!

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You can easily find several teeth whitening products and services outside the office. But, the whitening formulas available from these sources can remove surface stains. Our teeth whitening expert offers formulas that effectively remove discolorations embedded into your enamel. We use laser teeth whitening that penetrates deep below the surface of the enamel eliminating the buried and tougher stains.

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You might get your Houston laser teeth whitening by professionals for numerous reasons. Your stained teeth impact your confidence when speaking or smiling at people. Irrespective of the reasons, numerous perks get tagged along with our teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is a highly reckoned cosmetic procedure due to its effectiveness, affordability, and ease. Additionally, unlike other procedures like bonding or veneers, teeth whitening is non-invasive and done in just a single visit at our teeth whitening clinic. Call us to schedule for:

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Are you prepared to change your smile to boost your confidence with our professional teeth whitening services? Connect with TotalBright to schedule a consultation with our teeth whitening expert. They will evaluate your oral health, teeth whitening, and more. So, gear up to unleash the bright smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is too difficult to judge yourself the best choice of our service, we have experts who can help during your consultation to choose the most effective treatment teeth whitening service for your smile.
Even with effective whitening, when the result lasts for several years after the teeth whitening procedure, you must adhere to the following rules: Do not consume foods with dyes for 48 hours. After professional whitening, teeth are dehydrated, so they quickly absorb any dyes. Avoid beets, black tea, coffee, cherries, strawberries, etc. Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth; the first time after whitening, the enamel is very sensitive and reacts sharply to cold and hot foods, including temperature changes. Unique products will help reduce sensitivity.
The maximum effect lasts up to 3 years, after which the surface of the enamel again begins to darken and turn yellow. With a proper lifestyle, sufficient hygiene, and With a proper lifestyle, sufficient hygiene, and with our regular 30 minutes Laser Teeth Whitening service will help refresher your smile back to your initial visit.
It will depend on your case. Our teeth whitening specialist will conduct the preliminary inspections and tell you the exact cost of teeth whitening. Don’t worry; the overall cost of our services is pretty competitive compared to others.


Hassan was very kind, thorough, and helpful and very caring. My smile is much brighter because of his help. I feel more confident with my smile. He is really a life saver. Thank you Hassan! I will definitely be coming back and recommend your amazing service.

Happy Maganga


Mr. Hassan is awesome; he did a great job in whitening my teeth. I was screaming when I checked my teeth in the mirror, after he was done with the procedure, because I couldn’t believe it was my teeth. He also has a great sense of humor, and he is a hundred percent professional. I recommend him all day everyday.

Stephen Ugochukwu


Hassan was very kind, thorough, and helpful with any questions I had about the whitening process. My smile is much brighter because of his help. I will definitely be coming back on a regular basis to maintain my smile!