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Brighten Your Smile

Consult TotalBright Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX

Do you feel like your teeth look yellow, stained or dull? Teeth whitening can give you the bright, picture-perfect smile you want. TotalBright Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX offers a variety of quick, comfortable ways to whiten your teeth. We can draw on more than 14 years of experience providing professional teeth whitening services.

Preparing for a Special Event?

Get a picture-perfect smile at our office in Houston, TX

3 proven ways to whiten your teeth

Do you need to lift light stains, dramatically whiten your smile or get a quick refresh? You can call us to schedule:

Our 2D laser teeth whitening services, to remove minor stains or treat mild discoloration.

Our 3D laser teeth whitening services, to address major stains or treat severe discoloration.

Our 30-minute teeth whitening services, to get rid of new stains and refresh teeth after whitening.

If you want to talk through the options with a professional, schedule an appointment right away. Just call (713)-396-2129 or send us an email. We'll explain each option clearly.

We love to see our clients smile

You deserve to feel confident about your smile. However, teeth whitening services at many dentists' offices are prohibitively expensive. You can get affordable, professional teeth whitening services at TotalBright Teeth Whitening. You'll also be relieved to know that we use a teeth whitening system that causes little or no discomfort. To learn about our process, reach out right away.

For those younger than 18, we require parental permission.