Come to our Houston, TX office feeling relaxed and confident

TotalBright Teeth Whitening wants you to feel comfortable throughout your teeth whitening experience in our Houston, TX office. To prepare you for your visit, check out the answers to some of our most common inquiries:

Medical insurance does not cover cosmetic teeth whitening. However, because we are very competitive in the market, we provide our clients with affordable whitening services that are less than what you’d pay at a dental office.

We provide cosmetic laser teeth whitening services to brighten your smile and Newtox to relax your fine lines and wrinkles.

Consultations are free of charge, but you must schedule an appointment.

Yes. Your teeth can lift between 3 and 14 shades. Individual results will depend on your current tooth shade, treatment time and the composition of your teeth. The end results will include a brighter, whiter smile. Everyone’s teeth are different and will have a natural stop point.

We have seen results last for up to 14 months. Results vary and will depend on your diet and lifestyle. However, with proper maintenance and periodic touch-up treatments, you can keep your smile looking great for a lifetime.

Most of our clients do not experience sensitivity, as our products are designed for people with sensitive teeth. A small portion of our clients do experience minimal sensitivity on their teeth. Dehydration and consuming hot or cold beverages within two hours of whitening can increase this risk. Any sensitivity is short-term and gone within 24 to 48 hours. We do offer solutions if you’re concerned about sensitivity.

Yes. Our products and services are completely safe. Our whitening system has a built-in Cool Blue LED laser, which doesn’t damage your enamel. We use an organic plant mineral-based gel formula that’s made in the U.S.A. and FDA-approved.

Treatments can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the discoloration and how white you want your teeth to be. It takes no longer than the typical haircut or facial. The process is quick and easy!

Yes. Our whitening products will help remove staining from existing dental work and take your teeth back to their original color. Our goal is to clean up the existing dental work and whiten the natural teeth for a radiant smile. We cannot whiten teeth beyond the original color of the material used at the time of placement. If your existing dental work is not in your smile line, it won’t matter either way since it’s not visible.

Yes. You can whiten your teeth while undergoing ongoing teeth-straightening treatments.